We are a proud Australian company and the inspiration for the name came from the famous Australian indigenous weapon “Boomerang”. As Boomerang is designed to return to the thrower, similarly Brang is designed such that your deliveries will be at your doorstep, when you need it with complete traceability.

It also pays homage to the classic Australian colloquialism for 'brought'.

Simply become our member by registering on our website or on the app, and start getting your items delivered at your doorstep.

Brang is a courier-cab aggregator platform. When you register and become a member with us, you get access to ALL our brangers (drivers). You will not be required to transact with any other providers, instead just with our Brangers who are highly experienced in getting your products delivered on time and securely. We are fast, reliable, 24/7 & offer the lowest delivery price in the market.

We get this a lot! Brang has developed a niche in the market due to our technology & services which work in an ideal combination. Our customer support team is always a call away to help you out with any queries/concerns you might have. Oh, and did we mention there are NO extra charges that you incur, so you can focus on your stuff rather than stressing over extra logistics costs. This means - NO Subscription charges, NO Fuel surcharges, NO Currency Adjustment Factor, NO restriction on number of items etc etc. In short, there are no hidden charges over and above our freight charges which are the lowest in the market, guaranteed.

Depending on the size of the item, you can choose the vehicle required to complete your delivery:

  • Cars - Max 60x60x60cm& max 25Kg per item totaling up to 30Kg & must fit in the car or boot.
  • For Van & Truck requests please connect with 13000 BRANG or email support@brang.com.au

Yes we do, however the business needs to ensure that the recipient who is placing an order is above 18 and the Branger has every right to check the ID on delivery.

NO, Brang does not sell any products. Brang takes care of logistics including order management, order placement, pickup and delivery for our customers. In case you have any concerns regarding product quality, please directly contact the store from which the order was placed.

No, we do not have any extra charges for same day deliveries. However, for instant deliveries within a 2-hour window, we charge $25 plus tax over and above the cost of the run/delivery.

You may logon to our website https://brang.com.au/ or download our app on your mobile phone. We are available both on IOS /Android and both the platforms are user-friendly. They will allow you to add pick-up and delivery addresses and it will instantly price the cost of the delivery. You may then make a payment and submit your order.

We have a maximum 4-hour delivery window from the moment an order is placed. For same-day deliveries, the cut off time will be 2:30 PM.

For scheduling a 9AM Pick up for the next day, the cut off time is 3:30PM the day prior.

Our website and app instantly calculate the price of the delivery and allow you to make an online payment via your credit or debit cards. Businesses using our Brang for Business Merchant App can also pay by EFT / Bank Transfer

Yes. All our deliveries are invoiced and subjected to taxes.

No, we do not accept cash for deliveries or pick-ups.

You may connect with us on support@brang.com.au for registering with us. One of our sales executives will then connect with you within 24 Hours and help you set up a BRANG MERCHANT LOGIN ID with a PASSWORD for your store.

We know security and privacy are important to you – and they are important to us, too. Please see our Privacy Policy

Yes, a confirmation email will be sent to you after you submit your order, our support team will connect with you within 30 – 60mins of placing the order. Order delivery confirmation will also be mailed to you. You can see in real time via order History in the Merchant Portal if your parcel is in process or has been delivered.

Yes, the recipient will have access to live tracking if their mobile number and/or email is included in the delivery via our Merchant Portal. Live tracking of the parcel is also available when booking a single delivery from the Customer app.

It is advised to carefully pack your delivery as Brang does not take any responsibility if there is any damage to the product due to not being securely packaged.

The refund amount, if any, will take 7- 14 business days to be credited back and will be credited to the same account it was charged from.

You can phone 13000 BRANG or email support@brang.com.au to contact our Support team. The situation will be investigated and the compensation if any, will take 7- 14 business days to be credited back and will be credited to the same account it was charged from.

The Driver can either leave the parcel at a secure place suggested by the customer if instructed, or return it back to the store, the Driver will contact you should no-one be available to accept delivery. Getting the parcel back will of course attract a fee, which will be communicated to the client/merchant by the support team. This will depend upon the distance that the Driver needs to travel to get the parcel back to the store.

We are currently available from 7AM-8PM and make deliveries from 9AM-7PM.

We do have special discounts CODES generated by our marketing team occasionally. All available promos flash on our website and apps from time to time.

We are unable to deliver corrosive materials, dangerous chemicals or restricted or prohibited goods such firearms or explosive materials.

Yes, we do offer medical courier services. Brang would need to know what is being delivered to assure we comply with any legislative requirements.

Yes, our Drivers are fully Covid Complient. We take all necessary health and safety measures to ensure your delivery is handled safely and securely, practicing social distancing and following appropriate hygiene protocols.

Brang is a local delivery service, and cannot deliver from one city or state to another.

Brang currently service the city of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, Brisbane and the city of Sydney with pick-ups from the municipality of Parramatta and surrounding suburbs.

Business customers will be provided with the Driver's number and the recipient will receive an Email or SMS with tracking of the order.

You can phone 13000 BRANG or email support@brang.com.au to contact our friendly and helpful Support team.

Yes, you can reschedule a delivery with at least 4 hours notice at no extra charge. Rescheduling or amending a Delivery with less than 4 hours' notice, yet no less than 1hours notice, will incur a $20 reschedule fee. This will be subject to driver’s availability.

Any delivery requiring less than 4 hours, notice, yet no less than 2 hours, notice, will incur a $20 express booking fee. This will be subject to availability of drivers close to the location.

Public Holidays include a 15% surcharge and Hallmark Holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s & Father’s Day etc. include a 10% surcharge.

We are here to help you!

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