Madhup Mohan Mudiraj: The Man Behind the Innovation of Fastest Delivery

Madhup Mohan Mudiraj, an Indian-Australian business executive, is the CEO and the Co-founder of BRANG. He is a Director at INK IT solutions, a leading technology consultancy, and provider of CX, ERP, and HCM solutions across various industries....

“BRANG” Shakes the Tech Hub with a “BANG”

With so much innovation and modernisation happening, the focus of companies,is to stay on top of the game by utilizing this for betterment of its processes and ultimately make it a key contributor for its success. At BRANG, technology plays ....

What Can CFOs Do to Change the Tailwind of a Company during Crisis?

It is a matter of fact that strong and steady leadership from the finance organization is critical for addressing immediate concerns about safety and survival, stabilizing the business in the near term, and positioning it for recovery.....

BRANG: The Easiest Way to Get Things Delivered During the Pandemic

80% of Australians are purchasing things online with ease. However, one consistent complaint is about getting their orders delivered, since the local delivery takes 2-3 days, is expensive, and does not offer 24/7 service

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