Our Story

We are a group of professionals trying to solve everyday problems using advanced technology. Things that sound simple should be simple. Keeping that as our motto, we work on maximising the use of technology to give end users a highly enhanced user experience with ease of use.

Discoverr.AI owns and operates the Brang website and app. The 2 ‘rr(s)’ in Discoverr stand for ‘Realize & Regain’ - realizing the potential of a problem & regaining it by making an opportunity for our customers. Converting problems into opportunities.

What inspired the idea Brang?

80% of Australians are purchasing things online with ease. But the one thing everyone complains about is getting these things delivered. Even local deliveries take 2-3 days, are expensive and don’t offer 24X7 service.

Brang is a one stop delivery platform that addresses all these problems and more, giving customers complete control of their deliveries in a cost effective way. Another everyday problem that needed to be solved.

The word Brang is inspired by the Boomerang - a commonly used ancient weapon by the first People of the Australian mainland for hunting. The characteristics of a Boomerang represent: speed, precision & reliability. Our platform will enable deliveries to be faster, more accurate & secure.


What inspired us?

Brang was an idea that was conceived in late 2019 after we realised that there is a genuine gap in the market for a same day delivery service. If customers can get food and alcohol delivered within hours, then why can’t everything else? What really inspired us to launch this immediately was the Covid19 situation. We realised that many retailers were not able to get business and customers didn’t want to leave their homes. Brang could help both parties sustain these unprecedented times. We could also help hospitals and aged care facililities supply essential commodities, help consumers with their everyday needs and help the government by providing a service that helps maintain social distancing and contactless deliveries.

Our Journey

Brang In late 2019 with 3 full time professionals were unfulfilled doing their mundane jobs and were always thinking about bringing a change and improving daily life & experiences. The first of many ideas which came to mind was providing a simple platform for connecting consumers to their purchased products in an efficient manner. We started brain storming & identified a few major issues such as, consumers were unaware when they would receive their orders, the issue of ‘No one being home at the time of deliveries’, no live tracking of their deliveries, and deliveries outside of business hours, the list goes on.

Then we started dissecting each problem head-on, designing a few algorithms and integrating the ‘cab aggregator’ software we came up with. This resulted in creating our product Brang, a one stop delivery solution. We realized the 2 main players in any transaction are the customers and the drivers (brangers). So, we simply built a platform to connect them in a way that makes the whole delivery experience a smooth ride.

Our service has been certified by the Australian Government ‒ Innovation Patents Act 1990. Brang

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