Welcome To The New Reality: Businesses are more or less digital and products are now delivered, 7 Days A Week,24x7

Web sales are up significantly this year as the widespread coronavirus still keeps many shoppers at home and away from physical stores. Ace sellers, consultants and vendors are now working on how they can revise their strategies in light of the pandemic, to sustain and sail through these times. And we have decided to help.

Suddenly , there is so much to worry about. When it comes to health- both physical and mental. There's some uncertainty around and the last thing anyone would want to worry about is Logistics. As people become averse to stepping out, this should give a fillip to e-commerce and we are ready for that. Earlier people drove themselves to things and now things need to be driven to people.

The way the uncertainty and the dangerous approach of the virus stares everyone in the face, its a real luxury to sit back in the comfort of your living rooms and with the click of few buttons have all you like on your table. Our brangers are at your service and we look at this as an opportunity to grow as well as serve our community in these dire circumstances.

The concept is simple, we are delivering. Be it from stores to you, from you to stores, from friends to you , from you to friends , from home to office , from office to home, from cake shops, meat shops, groceries, chemists, furniture stores, bakeries. You name it and we do it. We are making lives easier for retailers as well as customers. We are available and we are delivering. We are an All-Time Available Logistics Company. With easy to use technologically advanced app, we have just made it simple for everyone to avail our services.

Times are challenging. Stay safe.

We are here to help you!

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