The corona virus pandemic has deeply affected our world since the last year. It's caused many shocking disruptions, accelerated some existing trends and created us to make some changes to how we tend to work and live.

With the lockdown it became clear everybody couldn't simply get into a store, so it became a necessity to assist out local businesses /customers and deliver.

One-third of the world population in lockdown require services that deliver groceries, medicines, ready food, and different essentials which have never been in higher demand.

Of these essential categories, grocery has arguably emerged as the foremost essential. As lockdowns loomed, panicked customers stripped shelves vacant around the world.

The past decade brought a boom within the world marketplace for delivery. On-demand delivery is the future for urban areas filled with young, wealthy, tech-savvy customers who have learned from services like Uber to expect instant service at the touch of a smartphone button.

Factors to consider while selecting a delivery service.

As the delivery services have progressively become standard over the recent years, there’s a good selection of delivery services catering to the general public for nation-wide deliveries. Several businesses/people who are about to utilize the delivery service for the first time should check the various top-rated delivery service suppliers. Here are some necessary things to be check where selecting the most effective parcel delivery service.

  • Speed
  • Security and Safety
  • Attitude Towards Care
  • Areas covered
  • Tracking
  • Pricing


This is maybe one of the foremost vital and customary deciding factors when selecting between delivery services. As a result of urgency sometimes businesses need to send their parcels desperately on the same day within a few hours. Therefore, explore the average speed of delivery for every company, and what range of speeds they'll deliver at.

Security and Safety

The delivery service company must be safe and secure to confirm the protection of your parcel. People additionally send their confidential or non-public documents through delivery service. Thus, it's vital to envision the protection profile of the corporate whereas selecting the delivery service.

Care towards packages

If you’re shipping delicate things, fragile merchandise or something that must arrive in good condition, the approach on how your driver handles them is very important. Once making your choice, check that you discuss with them regarding what their approach is towards your deliveries – and browse their reviews too!

Areas covered

If your business is taking orders to be delivered to different locations across the country, you need to know that your delivery service will be able to fulfil those orders.


Choose the delivery service provider that is providing the tracking via the web or mobile, so you'll be able to check the status of your packages in real-time.


Always check the prices of packages from various services before selecting in order to save your hard cash. Many organizations charge a higher price than others with similar services and delivery timings.

Brang is a one stop delivery platform that addresses all these issues, giving customers complete control of their deliveries in a very price effective approach. In fact rather than twenty four hours we pride ourselves to promise delivery within four hours. We tend to take further care concerning the safety as well as the package of our customers. We organise driver coaching programs for safe and smooth deliveries, particularly throughout the pandemic. We are able to live track deliveries giving an insight of driver’s exact location, ETA and 24x7 Support. We are a group of professionals making an attempt to resolve everyday issues using advanced technology.

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