Postal Delivery Text Scam Rise Ahead Of Christmas

The crooks have targeted avid online shoppers and those awaiting Christmas presents in a heightened effort to steal money from Australians.

Dodgy crooks have once again stepped up their efforts to squeeze their money from unsuspecting Australians using an annoying parcel delivery tactic.

People eagerly awaiting SMS notifications for deliveries are being targeted, apparently more with online orders at an all-time high as Christmas approaches.

Many delivery scams start with a text message or an email about delivering a package to your address. These messages often include a "tracking link" that you are urged to click in order to update your delivery or payment preferences. You might also get a voicemail message with a call-back number, or a "missed delivery" tag on your door with a number to call.

While these messages often look or sound legitimate, you should never click a link or call back the number from an unexpected delivery notice. Contact the delivery service or seller directly using a verified number or website.

In some cases, a link may open a website that prompts you to enter personal information, or it may install malware on your phone or computer that can secretly steal personal information. The number you call back may be answered by a scam "operator" asking to verify your account information or the credit card number you used for a purchase. Other scam calls and texts may claim you need to pay a customs fee or tax before the delivery can be made.

National delivery companies are also providing information on their websites to help consumers avoid falling for package delivery scams.

  • Don’t respond to unexpected requests for money in return for delivery of a package, often with a sense of urgency.
  • Don’t give out your personal and/or financial information.
  • Don’t respond to links with misspelled or slightly altered website addresses.
  • Don’t click links that are emailed or texted to you.
  • Contact the shipping company directly with questions.

Remember that imposter scams often illegally spoof phone numbers used in calls and texts to try to trick you into thinking that the number is from a legitimate company or even a government agency.

If you receive any information about an unexpected package delivery, err on the side of caution. Follow the tips above to keep your information and finances secure.

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