Our Opportunity to build a different future - Covid 19

No one could have ever imagined a world we are living in today. 'Lockdown' sounds like bracing ourselves for a missile attack. We can’t see this powerful enemy that is turning our world upside down..but can do anything to get rid of it!

The need of the hour is to stay indoors and at the same time to ensure that people do not get out of work, crampling the economy. Pure logic tells us that businesses need to run, for the World to run.

While everyone is contributing in their own way to this grave situation, our 'in-the-box' business model drives that you place orders, buy-sell, send-receive payments and then book deliveries for the same from the comfort of your living rooms, without really digging a hole in your pockets! Restricting uncalled for movement , you just place your orders and watch our team handle it all with utmost perfection.

At Brang, we are doing everything we can ,to support our community. Our Delivery Drivers are being asked to share a 'daily self declaration' on their hygiene and health- normal body temperatures, sanitized masks, oxymeter checks.

Our Brangers show increased commitment by stepping out with all important protocols and new normals. We believe that people should wear FaceMasks for the sake of others, if not themselves. We always avoid physical contact and sanitize high contact areas on a regular basis.

We are also working closely with Old Age Homes to cater to the needs of the aged , as that audience is at an increased risk to the pandemic, if exposed. Our Brangers intend to help them procure medicines, groceries or products of any other nature that they might need from the stores.

We also intend to engage with NGOS (especially the ones catering to the disabled )to support the community.

At Brang We Care and We Always Will.

We are here to help you!

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