Introducing our New Advisor - David Waite

David is a Senior Executive with demonstrated experience of delivering growth through Business Development Strategy and execution with key skills in Leadership and Customer Engagement.

He currently leads a Global Marketing Automation Company (SAAS) and has previous experience across eLearning, Online Media, Supply Chain/Logistics and Professional Services. He is a valued Executive Level contributor to Business Strategy, Operational Excellence and driving results through Staff Engagement. David is respected by peers and team for his leadership through challenging change, economic conditions and now Pandemics!

I have had the good fortune to experience great mentors and leaders throughout my career and the clear advice they have all shared in common when assessing business decisions (opportunities, projects, investments etc) is to focus on the quality of the people involved.

Business success is highly co-related to the quality of the team employed to deliver the result. He will be a part of Brang’s advisor team, providing insights and guidance which any start-up can gain from. Brang is thrilled to have someone with years of experience and expertise to share, through which a lot can be learned and applied.

Brang addresses a significant gap in the delivery market that major brand logistics providers have unsuccessfully been able to solve. The quality of the people and the significance of the delivery problem that Brang is solving is a journey I am keen to support.

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