Brang Delivery Service: The Best Same Day Delivery Service 

No mall? No problem! While most of us have been staying home these days, online shopping has become more popular as a pastime for just about anyone. From finding the best deals on your favourite e-commerce sites to getting that sushi platter delivered right to your doorstep, shopping is a lot safer and more convenient when you’re shopping through your phones or computers. 

But online shopping can come with a hefty price tag. On top of the price that you pay for the goods you’re buying, shoppers' fees and shipping or delivery fees can cost just as much! Luckily, same day delivery services have become more affordable and accessible! 

One of the newest delivery apps in Australia, the Brang app offers delivery services you can always rely on. Here are some of the features of the app’s same day delivery service we’re sure you’ll love!

1. It’s fast and easy!

Just by booking on the Brang app, which takes mere seconds, one of our Branger will be on his way to pick up the package that you ordered and deliver it to you. 

Although the time it takes to get to you still depends on where the package is coming from and the traffic along the way, any delay shouldn’t be too bad, and you’ll still get your package within 4-hours! 

2. You can track your order real-time. 

Through the Brang app, you can check the location and status of the Branger handling your package live. The Branger will also message you for updates or notify you when he’s arrived at the pick-up and drop-off locations. 

3. The risk of loss or damage isn’t as high. 

One of the biggest worries of customers and sellers alike when it comes to shipping or delivery is that the products may get lost or damaged while in transit. 

With Brang’s  same day delivery service app, the chances of loss or damage are slim thanks to the live-tracking feature and quick delivery. We assure you our rider partners are well-trained and very careful when it comes to delivering your packages too! 

4. You get to choose the schedule for pick-up. 

When it comes to traditional shipping couriers, a huge challenge is not knowing when to expect your package to get picked up or when it would arrive. You get certain updates through tracking it on their website, but there’s really no way of knowing the exact time. 

For our same day delivery services, it’s all up to you! If you need an item picked up at a specific time, you just have to indicate it in the Brang app.

5. You can save up a lot with the Brang app’s discount voucher codes!

Minimizing delivery costs is always a plus for any online shopper, and we’re always happy to help you save whenever we can. We regularly offer discount voucher codes for Brang  app users! Be sure to check out our website and social media pages for the latest discounts and promos.

We are here to help you!

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