'Some Beautiful Paths Cant Be Discovered Until We Get Lost' Go Out! Face your Fears! Scare yourself!

Starting a business is hard. Really hard.

Businesses are 90 percent about the money and 10 percent about the other things. But start ups are 90 percent about the passion of starting from scratch and making it count!! It’s a small idea and a small set of motivated people who take it up and take it places!

When you’re first starting out .. you need all the help you can get. You look for resources and find articles from Entrepreneurs, Forbes, Harvard Business Review , Economic Times etc. You pick up words that make sense to you and apply them to your organizations, hoping the strings produce a music and a pleasant one! You tend to enjoy the journey, because the destination is a mirage.

You feel overwhelmed because the ideas are just too high-level. You don’t take meaningful action. You just don’t have time to cut through all the fluff. You feel direction less , in pieces. At times , you pick yourself up and push yourself to keep going..!! You stop sometimes to breathe, analyze and question yourself. Your journey might not be perfect, but its yours! When your inspiration and desire to create something worthy is stronger than your fears, then you are on the right track. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all..

BRANG is a story of pepped up and self motivated team, who have boarded a train for the alps. . So see you in the clouds!!

Brang is a delivery platform catering to the people and businesses across Melbourne . Targeting Hyper-local deliveries across Melbourne .

PS: Coming up in the next blog is the inspiring story of the men behind the scenes, who put grave meaning to all the above words. They have been there and done that. So stay tuned! Because there's so much to learn!

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